Urs of Sufi Saint in Kashmir invites people from all faiths

Updated:7 months ago IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir), Jun 25 (ANI): The Kashmir Valley is known for its snow clad mountains, almonds, chinar trees, pashmina shawls, meadows and lush green pastures and it could certainly be compared to heavens if someone has seen it. Along with its sprawling beauty, Kashmir has also remained an alcove of Sufis and Saints, who have played a great role in spreading the message of brotherhood, camaraderie and peaceful coexistence among the conglomeration of multi-ethnic societies residing in it. The Dargah of Sufi Saint Mir Syed Ahmad Kirmani situated in Nowhatta area of Srinagar is one among several Dargahs situated in Kashmir where people from across faiths pay a frequent visit. Recently, the annual Urs of Mir Syed Ahmad Kirmani was commemorated in Srinagar. The Urs festival continued for three days and devotees paid obeisance and offered special prayers at the shrine. Reverberating with recitations of verses from Holy Quran, the shrine was full with devotees coming from all the nooks and corners of the Valley. According to history of Sufism, Saint Syed Ahmad Shah Kirmani was one of the Suharwardi Sufis who came to Kashmir during the reign of Sultan Nazuk Shah. The saint is revered all across Kashmir for his teachings of mutual respect among the religions and upholding humanity over all the diverse ethics and faiths practiced in this beautiful nation. Places like these could be found all across the nation. They not only uphold the unity but also foster a feeling of oneness among the people of our country.

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