Use of virtual assets like cryptocurrency rising in terror financing: Amit Shah

Updated:4 months ago

New Delhi, Nov. 18 (ANI): Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the ‘No Money for Terrorism’ Conference in New Delhi on November 18. He addressed the issues related to trends in terrorism financing through cryptocurrency and the use of dark net to conceal their identity. He also talked about the countries that are working as shields for terrorism and called it a collective responsibility of all the countries to defeat terrorism. “Terrorists are spreading violence, radicalising youth and finding new ways to financial sources. To conceal their identity and spread radical material, terrorists are using dark net. Use of virtual assets like cryptocurrency also rising,” said Amit Shah. “We'll have to analyse and understand the pattern of such activities taking place on the dark net and find solutions to them. Unfortunately, there are some countries that want to weaken or destroy our collective resolution of combating terrorism,” he added. “Quite often we have seen that some countries shield terrorists and provide them shelter. Harbouring a terrorist is equal to promoting terrorism,” he added.

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