Women of naxal-hit Gadhchiroli attain self dependence

Updated:4 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Gadhchiroli (Maharashtra)/ Jeevangatta (Maharashtra), Sept 1(ANI): Gadhchiroli district in Maharashtra is known for chilling stories of Naxal violence. Not long back ago, Naxal violence in Gadhchiroli made headlines almost every other day. But Jeevangatta village in the district has a success story to tell. Women of Jeevangatta have won over the fear of Naxal violence. Through self-motivation, the local women are making themselves and the village self-dependent and fearless. In a village where people did not have any source of income to even eat two meals a day due to excessive Naxal violence, these women have taken upon themselves to teach the Adivasi community about self-employment. They prepare the goods from their own hands and are living a mostly trouble-free life after selling the products. In the process, they are not only helping them become self-dependent but also helping them build their confidence. These women are serving as an example to the whole community and teaching them a lesson on how to become self-sufficient and self-dependent. They grow different kinds of grains in the field and then turn them into various goods. This helps them earn enough to make ends meet. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed either. They have been awarded at the national level too.

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