Women wrestlers attract large crowds in wrestling competition in UP’s Varanasi

Updated:3 months ago IST

Varanasi (UP), Sep 09 (ANI): Women wrestlers showed their skills during the annual wrestling competition in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi. By showing their skills they attracted hundreds from across Uttar Pradesh. They were crowded by cheering men and women while they battled it out in the all-India under-23 wrestling competition. Women have now started coming out of their homes after the situation for them has improved. The sport which was meant for males only has now started witnessing participation by women as well. One of the participants said, “There are no wrestling grounds for girls and the stadiums are located at far-off locations due to which families don’t allow them. But the situation has improved a lot. They (female wrestlers) are coming out and participating more. The wrestling game has improved a lot and the women participating in it are doing great; they are even getting medals from abroad.”

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