Chess Olympiad gold: Chess has boomed amid COVID-19, brought audience together, says Vidit Gujrathi

Updated:1 month, 3 weeks ago

New Delhi, Sep 01 (ANI): India won the chess Olympiad gold for the first time in the tournament’s history and the team’s skipper Vidit Gujrathi has revealed that this win is on par with how Indian cricket was put on the world map after their 1983 World Cup win against the West Indies in Lords. While speaking to media via video conferencing in the national capital, the Indian Chess Grandmaster and Indian Chess Player Vidit Gujrathi said, “It was the Indian campaign which was from August 22 to 30 but it feels like a month because every day we are like working nonstop without fail. It felt unreal when it actually happened. We did win chess Olympiad gold medal which is a big achievement to win among 163 countries.” “Amid coronavirus pandemic, chess has boomed which has brought audience together as a spirit. What TV has brought for cricket, the internet has brought for chess,” he added.

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