iOS 16 allows users to transfer eSIM via Bluetooth

Updated:2 months, 1 week ago

New Delhi, June 11(ANI): Apple recently announced iOS 16 at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC). At the event, Apple introduced a new feature of iOS 16 that allows users to transfer eSIM to another iPhone via Bluetooth. As per Mac Rumors, Activation of eSIM was earlier possible only via scanning the QR code of the carrier which will be followed in future as well. At the event, Apple introduced another feature to it- Bluetooth transfer. Apple came up with a big upgrade at the WWDC, announcing that if the user wants to transfer an eSIM to another iPhone, he simply needs to go to the Settings app, tap on the option 'Set up eSIM' which takes one to the option of ‘Transfer eSIM’ and then it can be transferred via Bluetooth. Apple says make sure that another iPhone is nearby, updated with the current iOS 16 and the Bluetooth is turned on while transferring the eSIM.

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