Twitter rolls out Spaces to all users on iOS, Android

Updated:1 month ago

New Delhi, Oct 23 (ANI): Almost after a year, tech-giant Twitter is finally providing an opportunity to its users of both iOS and Android to host their own Spaces on the platform. As per the Verge, Twitter first launched Spaces in November 2020, but the ability to actually host a Space was limited to Twitter users with 600 followers or more. The feature was earlier scheduled to be out by April, but the Spaces team has recently tweeted to announce the change, noting that users on both Android and iOS will now be able to host Spaces. It also offers a GIF that briefly refreshes users on how to host a Space, in case a user has forgotten after all these months, as per The Verge. This has been already done earlier when the feature was restricted to only 600 users.

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