India on path of becoming a hub of medical tourism

Updated:6 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Gurugram / Bangalore, Jul 07 (ANI): 58-year-old Nguefack Guy from Cameroon came with a history of stroke leading to left hemiplegia. On advice of a friend, he came to India for an advanced Neuro Rehabilitation.Technologically advanced hospitals, specialized doctors, low-cost treatment and e-medical visa facilities have contributed to help India become one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations in Asia. According to FICCI-IMS report, over 500,000 foreign patients seek treatment in India each year. They mostly come to India for heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care, as the treatment cost in India is considered lowest in Asia. India currently has around 18 per cent of the global medical tourism market. In an estimate, it can be a $9 billion-worth medical tourism destination by having 20 per cent global market share by 2020. A large number of patients in India come from South Asia, Africa and CIS countries.

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