AEON solves the problem of aging society

Updated:5 months, 1 week ago IST

Tokyo (Japan), Aug 09 (ANI): The Aging Society of Japan has grown year by year, and now the importance of providing good services for elderly is in great demand in many fields. Aeon Kasai Department store is providing variety of fine services, amusement and entertainment for “Grand Generation” a concept that replaces traditional “seniors” group. “Grand” confers the idea of “top class” and respectfully refers to senior generation as top class generation in life experience who performs youthfully and enjoy their lives in wide-ranging styles while maintaining affluent knowledge and experiences. One of the most unique events that AEON provides is Morning Activity. Especially this gymnastic class for seniors is very popular among them and is held two times a day in the morning. All of guests can feel free to join this program and enjoy exercising their arms and legs. Most of their purpose to take part in this event is not only exercising, but also enjoy meeting and communicating with friends. The event has the variety of exercise curriculum, and the schedule does not let people get bored. After exercise, some customers decide to spend their whole morning inside the mall. In this fitness club, elderly can be seen working out as energetic as youth do. It also can be seen in this café, how elderly can relax and enjoy meals right after exercising. Providing wide variety of senior’s products is also remarkable point in this mall. Many smart and specially designed goods are displayed and lined up. This stick for walking is very compact, lightweight and tough at the same time. These products contribute to supporting elderly daily life. Services born in Japan contribute to providing more entertainment and amusement for senior people while introducing new business styles for bright future.

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