Ajinomoto helps to maintain food safety in Thailand

Updated:9 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Bangkok (Thailand), Apr 05 (ANI): Ajinomoto seasoning has been loved by people in Thailand for a very long time. The effort of producing safe and high-quality food products in Thailand is also being appreciated till this day. This is Ayutthaya Factory which is the third Thai factory to produce AJI-NO-MOTO product to support the market growth both domestically and overseas. Since the first Thai factory was established in 1960, Ajinomoto brand is being sold in many domestic regions. The ingredients of AJI-NO-MOTO use 100 percent natural cassava and sugar cane which are all grown in Thailand. The products are brought from sugar mill factories where they are turned into tapioca starch and cane molasses. This is the essential process that is made by using natural products as to produce the most trusted results to ensure health. For manufacturing the products, the factory implements the same advanced production technologies that are used in Japan. This is one of the most important processes called fermentation in order to produce glutamic acid which turns into Umami basics. After the fermentation process, the products are purified from fermented broth through a process called crystallization. They are then transferred to the filtration process in order to remove the color from them. After completing all those processes, the products are finally packed under the brand name of AJI-NO-MOTO and they are ready for delivery. The factory is not only focusing on producing quality products but also creating an environment which takes special care of its products such as protecting them from contamination and ensuring high inspection by both employees and machines in order to deliver safe and trusted products to customers. The advanced technology offers safe products and services of the highest quality to improve the lifestyles of people around the world.

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