Artist uses custom-made robot to paint

Updated:7 months, 3 weeks ago IST

New York City (New York), May 01 (ANI): American artist Barnaby Furnas is working on his latest painting with the help of a robot named Sozo. Sozo means 'imagination' or 'creation' in Japanese. This rover robot leaves marks on the canvas according to Furnas's instructions that he communicates via an optical tracking system attached to this paintbrush-like rod. Sozo has helped the artist make numerous works. It records the painter's every single movement, becoming a real-life backspace button for the entire creative process. Sozo is created by technology startup Artmatr, whose CEO Bejamin Tritt is a painter himself. Besides Sozo, Artmatr also has a variety of machines that use inkjet heads found in printers.

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