Baloch students take up long march after Pakistan universities deny them admission

Updated:1 week, 2 days ago

Khanewal (Pakistan), Oct 13 (ANI): A group of Baloch youth has started a long march to seek their right to education in Pakistan. Pakistan is not just systematically plundering the resource-rich Balochistan of its minerals but is working at an extensive multi-pronged design to push Balochs towards a political catastrophe. As if the absence of fundamental rights, social security and employment wasn't enough, the establishment is now denying them education. It does not want Balochs to read, write and grow into an informed, efficient and employable mass. While the quality of a handful of higher-education-institutions in Balochistan has degraded considerably owing to the system's apathy, the universities in other provinces are now denying them admissions. The quota has been abolished without notice. There has been a backlash but authorities haven’t moved an inch. Students have taken up a protest march which they say will go till Islamabad if authorities do not roll back their decision.

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