Baloch woman activist hits out at Pakistan for gender inequality

Updated:2 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 25 (ANI): Baloch woman political activist has hit out against Islamabad for allowing religious groups, who have lately launched an assault against the women’s freedom throughout the Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. Karima Baloch, the former Chairman of Baloch Students Organisation- Azad told the United National during the 39th Session of Human Rights Council, “Pakistan has been given the second-last place on the UN’s Gender Gap Report for the last two years. It’s only ahead of Yemen and Syria. The country has the 121st ranking out of 157 in the Global Gender Gap Index.” She added, “Despite all the assurances to international human rights bodies, Pakistan’s constitution clearly states that the country’s laws must conform with centuries-old Islamic doctrine”. Speaking harshly on Islamic Laws prevalent in the country, Karima said, “If a woman is killed by her brother in the name of honour, the Islamic law allows him to settle the case with the father or the rest of the family. In most of the cases, the family forgives the murderer who goes scot free. Also, as two woman’s testitomny equals one man’s, rape cases are less likely to be decided in favour of the victims. Apart from these basic flaws in the legal system, religious groups have lately launched an assault against the women’s freedom throughout the Pakistan, especially in Balochistan”. “Attacks and threats against girls’ education has caused a significant surge in the number of girls dropping out of education. According to the media, the dropout rate is an appalling 70 percent. Because of this and other discriminations against women, Balochistan has the lowest female literacy rate in Pakistan,” she told the UN. While highlighting the worsening situation of human rights in Balochistan, Karima said, “As a woman from Balochistan, I can testify that life for a woman in Pakistan is a tough one. If you get raped, there must be something wrong with you. If you get killed, you must have done something to deserve it. If you counter a man in a verbal argument, it reflects badly on your character. If I am talking about the abuses and voilence against women at this forum, I am bringing a bad name to Pakistan. But who cares!”

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