Brexit bill wins UK parliamentary vote, reaches its next parliamentary stage

Updated:1 year, 5 months ago IST

London (United Kingdom), Sep 12 (ANI): Brexit has moved to its next parliamentary stage after over 13 hours of debate in Britain's Parliament. The UK lawmakers backed the EU Withdrawal Bill by 326 votes to 290 despite critics warning that it represented a "power grab" by ministers. The bill, that is designed to end supremacy of EU law in the UK, will get UK same regulatory framework as the EU. The opponents of Prime Minister Theresa May trashed the bill as power grab by the Conservative government. Eventually, many feared chaotic Brexit in case they do not vote as Britain would not have laws to push the process. The bill was thought to be a nerve-wracking night for PM Theresa May. However, there are several other obstacles for PM who has to consider the demands for concessions before the bill becomes law. It will now be scrutinized line by line while both Conservative and Labor lawmakers attempt change it. Ultimately the bill needs agreement of both the Upper and Lower Houses on the precise wording of the legislation before it can be passed. The entire process is expected to take upto a month.

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