CASIO contributes to Chinese education by scientific calculator

Updated:1 month ago IST

Shanghai (China), Dec 13 (ANI): Science education in Shanghai has top priority, as for several years, the city has been achieving high rankings at academic ability survey “Pisa” done by OECD organization. "Chinese Physics Olympics" is one of the largest academic achievement contests in the world, and it was celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. In the final round of this prestigious contest, Casio’s scientific calculator has been adopted as the official model. Japan’s contribution to the educational business can be clearly seen here. In China, many people including education and national leaders have focused on the importance of physical education. It is the chance for Casio to expand its education business as scientific calculator is necessary to calculate mathematics, physics, statistics, and so on. Scientific calculator has stable market and is being used by many students. In the award ceremony at the end of the tournament, selected students were invited, and medals and certificates were given to honored participants in recognition of their success and performance. 80 percent of the top 50 participating students in the physics contest, tend to enter elite university such as Beijing University. This is very important step for their career as the success in this competition will guarantee them promising future. Development of education has major role in creating better society and Japan’s company’s support to global educational project is making great success.

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