CES introduces world’s best technologies

Updated:9 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Las Vegas, (US) Feb 28 (ANI):In January every year, there is a trade fair in the United States, Las Vegas where manufacturers from all over the world show their latest consumer technology products. The exhibition is called the Consumer Electronic show “CES”. This year, approximately 4,000 companies took part in the event.Manufacturers of Cameras, VR games, Robot and automotive tech, also showcased their new technologies. Health-related products were displayed such as monitoring and wearable diagnostic devices, and with these new inventions, the healthcare industry is embracing new technologies to enhance the patient experience. The products of “IoT- Internet of Things” with their AI technology which is attracting attention have shown an exhibit whereby the furniture and the system of the entire house are highly interactive and in close contact with life. The 5G network is used in building a lot of technology. 5G means greater data through capacity, faster speed, and lower latency. Automatic driving systems and a Smart speaker supported “Google assistant” are well-known examples. The latest technologies and products presented at “CES” are a glimpse into what the future lives of people around the world will be.

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