China colonizing Pakistan via CPEC, warns European think-tank

Updated:4 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Amsterdam (Netherlands), Jun 24 (ANI): The European Foundation for South Asia Studies (EFSAS) has warned in its report titled “CPEC – an unfair deal for common Pakistanis?” that Pakistan’s growing dependence on China for development projects such as a $ 62-billion economic corridor under the Belt and Road Initiative could turn Islamabad into a “colony” that will see it looking to Beijing for its day-to-day survival. The CPEC, which India has objected to because it passes through Gilgit Baltistan, aims to link Gwadar Port with Xinjiang and create a network of rail lines and highways, industrial zones and power plants. The much-touted CPEC project is witnessing an opposition by the people of Pakistan and Gilgit Baltistan. There are accusations of acquiring private lands without paying dues to the people. China has taken advantage of Pakistan’s isolation on the global stage because of allegations of sponsoring terrorism and “this patronising attitude will only turn Pakistan into a colony which will always require China for its day-to-day survival.

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