Chinese Cell Phones dominate Nepali market, woos India

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

Kathmandu (Nepal), Dec 04 (ANI): Nepal, the Himalayan Nation has a population of 26 Million as per the 2011 census but the number of mobile users in this landlocked nation stands at 38.3 million as per government records. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority in its latest count till mid- July of 2018 has recorded 36.2 million GSM users and 2.6 million CDMA users which witnessed an outbound surge from 4.2 million from that of 2008.With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone usage, the Himalayan Nation has been importing a large number of mobile phones from abroad especially from China which now has dominated the Nepali market. As per the record, a total of 5,413,920 Chinese sets were imported while 510,796 Vietnamese mobiles were imported. Last year the number of Indian mobile sets stood at 295,850. There are a number of mobile phone stores inside the complex as well as on the way to the complex which now is mostly dominated by the Chinese Companies.

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