Columnist Charles Krauthammer dies at 68

Updated:4 months, 3 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, June 22 (ANI): Pulitzer Prize-winning Columnist, Charles Krauthammer, whose weekly column was syndicated to more than 400 publications worldwide, died at the age of 68. Born on March 13, 1950, in New York City, he pursued a medical degree at Harvard Medical School. Krauthammer had announced on June 8 that doctors had given him just weeks to live. While he has been gradually making his way back to health from cancerous tumour in abdomen, recent tests showed that cancer has returned and was spreading rapidly. He thanked his doctors, caretaker and everyone for taking his care and giving him memories to remember. In August 2017, due to his battle with cancer, Krauthammer stopped writing his column and serving as Fox News contributor.

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