Congress protests against BS Yeddyurappa, BJP for allegedly offering money to MLAs

Updated:1 week ago IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka), Feb 09 (ANI): Congress protested across the state in Karnataka against Bharatiya Janata Party and BJP Karnataka president B.S. Yeddyurappa for allegedly offering crores of money through phone call. Congress demanded investigation of the matter and actions against the culprits. Congress MLC Rizwan Arshad said, “The audio is so incriminating, that speaker Ramesh Kumar has been paid 50 crores rupees. He also claims in the same breath, that Mr Amit Shah and Mr Narendra Modi have done some setting with few judges. So this government cannot survive. And in the same audio Mr Yeddyurappa claims that 10-12 MLAs from the Congress and JDS are in Mumbai and they have been paid Rs 10 crores each. It is not an ordinary allegation.” He also raised objection against the undelivered promise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on giving a special status to Andhra Pradesh.

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