Cosplay festival brings hundreds of pop culture fans together in Nepal

Updated:4 months, 3 weeks ago

Kathmandu (Nepal), Jan 02 (ANI): One-day Costume Play, Cosplay festival drew thousands of visitors and fans from Nepal who is embracing pop culture. Youths wore costumes and fashion accessories to resemble anime characters on screen and perform different acts during Nepal's annual Cosplay festival called Otaku Jatra which gained popularity since 2016. The fest had observed footfall of youth this year, embracing the pop culture. People dressed as characters often interact to create a subculture and also perform role-playing tasks in venues apart from the stage. Anime, cartoons, comic books, Mangas, TV series, and video games are the main source for cosplays. The word cosplay is said to have been coined in Japan in mid of 20th century.

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