COVID-19 recovery rate in Nepal increases

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Kathmandu (Nepal), Sep 09 (ANI): Recovery rate of COVID-19 patients has increased significantly in past 7 days, Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal claimed on Tuesday. In last 24 hours, a total of 2,287 corona virus infected patients were discharged from various hospital and isolation centers around the nation. Recovery rate of Himalayan Nation had continued to slide to less than 55 percent by the end of August but it has increased significantly from the starting of this month. A total of 32,964 people have successfully recovered from the virus till 8th of September while the number of active cases also stands at 14,468. According to the Health Ministry, Nepal has recorded total cases of 48,138 which also include 306 fatalities out of which 6 occurred in last 24 hours. Despite the improvements seen over the week, the Ministry also has warned people not to flaunt the safety protocols and exercise high caution. Though the number of recovery cases from around the nation has continued to decline, capital Kathmandu still is witnessing surge in cases.

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