COVID pandemic can't go on forever, will end soon: Expert

Updated:4 months, 1 week ago

Washington (US), Jan 16 (ANI): As India achieved the milestone of cumulative vaccine coverage of 156 crores on the first anniversary of the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive that started on January 16, 2021, Dr Kutub Mahmoood, Scientist and Virologist from Washington, DC said that vaccination is the strongest weapon, adding that the pandemic cannot go on forever. “It is like a game of chess between the virus and us. The end to this game is near, it can’t go on forever. The match will be draw as the virus will go on hiding soon,” says Dr Mahmoood. He also mentioned that with vaccination around 60 per cent, the world is at a better condition. The Virologist further appreciated India for achieving 60 per cent vaccination within a year.

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