Daifuku exhibits its top technology in Thailand

Updated:3 months, 1 week ago IST

ndustry situation in Southeast Asia is going through significant change. There are many factors behind this change such as opening of "East and West Economic corridor" that covers Indo-China Peninsula another factor is desire for cost reduction through efficiency in logistics to face the rise in labor costs. Amid this situation, logistics industry Exhibition "TILOG Logistics 2018" was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose is to connect companies doing business in Southeast Asia. "Daifuku" – a Japanese company is developing logistic systems, automated storage and retrieval systems around the world. The company is representing Japan logistic solutions to manufactures such as building automated sorting technologies, factory line automation systems in automotive plants and home delivery warehouses. Daifuku's technology has contributed to the development of Japan's industries and lifestyles. It helped automotive manufacturing industries and contributed to the rapid increase in automatic sorting of deliveries by e-commerce. VR technology used in automatic allocation system is introduced. When scale is huge, the process of automatic sorting technology can be seen from various angles. ASEAN countries are witnessing rapid surge in personal delivery through online shopping. It is becoming necessary to have accurate distribution technology and this can be achieved by automation. Japan logistics technology which solves various problems has been accumulating over long time and now it contributes to Southeast Asian countries rapid development.

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