Devotees in Nepal worship snakes to mark Nag Panchami festival

Updated:5 months ago IST

Kathmandu (Nepal), Aug 17 (ANI): Hindu devotees celebrated "Nag Panchami", a festival dedicated to snakes across the country by worshipping serpents. The festival is observed every year on the fifth day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Shrawan during the monsoon season. Hindu devotees conventionally visit different shrines and ponds to mark the festival and organize different religious fairs and cultural programs. It is believed that worshiping the god snake on Nag Panchami festival keeps people safe from different natural evils. Hindu devotees offer special prayers, wishing for protection from snake bites, thunder, lightning and fire among others.On this day, the farmers don’t dig or plough the field rather they worship the deity by making the idols from the mud from their field. Naag Panchami is also regarded as a festival that strengthens the bond between human and nature.

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