Donald Trump defends trade tariffs despite backlash from allies

Updated:5 months, 1 week ago IST

New Delhi, Jul 03 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump maintained a defensive stance towards his move to levy tariffs worth billions of dollars on many of the nation's allies, even as they retaliate. According to the Hill, Trump and his administration have argued that the growing trade deficits were proof of the fact that the United States had been losing internationally for years. Trump has levied heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum, on the grounds of national security, on all but a few nations, levied duties on China over the alleged theft of intellectual property and is also considering taxes on imported automobiles. The tariffs have jeapordised bilateral relationships with allies such as Canada, Mexico and the European Union (EU), threatening to push the world's top economies on the brink of a global trade war. During a White House meet with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Trump hinted that if a trade deal was worked out with the EU, "it'll be positive, and if we don't, it'll be positive also."

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