Drone business takes off in Japan

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago

Tokyo (Japan), June 17 (ANI): The invention of drones is being helpful in providing a clearer and a natural view of the cities. This promising future of drone is pushing Japanese people to go to private schools for learning to become a “drone pilot”. The courses are so easy that a mere training of two days can make the person can become an amateur pilot. Reaching to the professional level takes four more days. It is easy, after two days of training; the amateur level can be reached. But learning to fly a drone does not mean free use anywhere, especially in the city and around residential area. Japan's property law considers the air up to 300 meters high to be owned by the owner of the property. Thus, the property owner can object the passage of drone, which usually fly at an altitude of no more than 150 meters. It is the reason for the idea of renting owner’s air. Some companies are now operating "air corridor" along route between post office, shopping centres, hospital and village in need of delivery service. The rental value is calculated depending on the time the aircraft passes over the property. Every for three seconds it can earn few US cents. With these air planes expected to be crowded with drones, the owners of the property in Japan can actually say that money is falling from the sky.

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