Free Balochistan campaign relaunched on UK Taxis

Updated:10 months ago IST

Manchester (UK), Jan 20 (ANI): The World Baloch Organisation, on Saturday, successfully relaunched its #FreeBalochistan human rights campaign on black cabs in the United Kingdom. The iconic black cabs are out once again carrying slogans "Free Balochistan from Human Rights Abuses" in attempt to highlight the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan, where the Pakistani military has been involved in gross human rights violations including enforced disappearances, extra-judicial killings and torture. This comes two months after the government of Pakistan demanded that the British government and Transport for London remove “#FreeBalochistan ", "Stop Enforced disappearances" adverts from UK taxis. In response to Pakistan government's request, Transport for London within 24 hours had ordered the adverts to be pulled from taxis on the grounds that they violated its advertising policy but it had not stated how the policy had been violated. The WBO maintained that it had not violated any policy and vowed to challenge the decision. The WBO has also been running an advertising campaign in New York City where several billboards at the iconic Times Square displayed similar slogans during the New Years Eve celebrations. The billboards gained attention of the international media and millions watching the event from around the world.

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