Gwadar residents protest against water shortage

Updated:11 months ago IST

Karachi (Pakistan), Nov 21 (ANI): Hundreds of Gwadar residents, political activists and members of civil society arrived in Karachi from Gwadar to hold a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) against water shortage. Gwadar is at the Core of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the city is without water. The Gwadar residents blocked Karachi-Gawdar road demanding water. Addressing the protest, speakers said that government had failed to supply drinking water to Gwadar. They added that they had covered 700km just to raise the issue. The residents have been wandering in different areas to fetch drinking water amid the on-going water shortage. They also appealed to Prime Minister Abbasi to take notice of this grave issue and order urgent and practical steps to overcome it.

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