India at UN raises voice for global peace, safeguarding religious minority

Updated:1 month ago

New York (USA), Jan 23 (ANI): India at the United Nations has pushed for global peace and end of violence. It slammed Pakistan and urged the UN to safeguard religious sites the world over. In December 2020, a historic Hindu temple in Karak was attacked and set on fire. India also raised a terrorist attack at Sikh gurudwaras in Kabul in March 2020. At the UNSC meet on Columbia, India appreciated the remarkable progress in the peace building process. It applauded the efforts of the people and Govt. of Columbia in realizing the achievements of the last 4 years. India gave suggestions for implementing the peace agreement. India also participated at the UNSC meeting on the Central African Republic (CAR). lt condemned constant violence in the landlocked country in Central Africa. In CAR, the immediate and pressing priority is early restoration of peace and stability. At the UNSC meeting on Syria, India showed concern over deteriorating security situation. Hostilities in Syria other than the Northwest part, have continued unabated. Ambassador Tirumurti calls on the international community to provide immediate assistance alleviate humanitarian sufferings, rebuilding infrastructure and safeguarding livelihoods in Syria.

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