International experiment "SIRIUS-21" held in Moscow

Updated:4 months, 2 weeks ago

Moscow (Russia), Jan 13 (ANI): A full-size spacecraft model is kept at the institute of biomedical problems in Moscow. It simulates a flight to the moon. There are 6 volunteers inside the model from Russia, the USA and the United Arab Emirates. There is no contact from the outside world and communication happens through the control centre. Specialists monitor changes at the molecular level while using tests. At the same time, the isolation is observed: the nominal cosmonauts "dump garbage" through a special trap door. The researchers monitor the atmosphere composition & temperature, and water usage on the ship. They also monitor the behaviour of their team members. In addition, each participant of the experiment will wear a virtual reality unit. The screens have already been installed. Only a special driver's seat has to be put in place & connected. The experiment designed for 240 days will conclude in the summer. The next project under the Sirius programme will start later this year.

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