Iran's Rouhani raps new U.S nuclear plan as threat to Russia

Updated:10 months, 1 week ago IST

North Dakota/ United States/Russia/China/Japan, Feb 05 (ANI): Iran President Hassan Rouhani criticised the United States of ‘shamelessly threatening Russia with a new atomic weapon.’ The criticism came after U.S published a policy document outlining plans to expand its nuclear capabilities. However, U.S. has defended its stand by arguing that aim behind the move is to deter others powers, particularly Russia, from using nuclear weapons. It's a sign of Pentagon's shifting priorities, from the fight against Islamist militants to quote ‘great power competition’ with Moscow and Beijing. According to U.S officials, Russia finds nuclear capabilities of U.S. as inadequate but critics say that the move could increase risk of miscalculation between the two nations. Russia's Foreign Ministry stated that it was disappointed by the contents of the document and called the Nuclear Posture Review, which it claimed has a confrontational feel and anti-Russian orientation. Meanwhile China also remained critical and urged the U.S to drop its quote "cold war mentality."

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