Islamic fundamentalists making lives difficult for people across South Asia

Updated:2 weeks, 2 days ago

This week’s episode of News Week South Asia focuses on Pakistan’s evil designs against Kashmir that have claimed thousands of lives including civilians and security forces since decades in the region. Jealous of Jammu and Kashmir’s development and progressive policies, Islamabad is trying tooth and nail to revive terrorism in the valley. This week again, Pakistani troops resorted to unprovoked cross border firing at the LoC killing 3 people from Poonch. A man, a woman, and a minor were among the ones killed. A viral video released recently shows hundreds of jihadists holding a meeting in Ali Sojal near Rawalkot declaring that they will cross the LoC. Islamabad’s claims to completely dismantle terror infrastructure in the country and withdraw its support from the terror organizations operating in Afghanistan have fallen flat. Recently, an airstrike by NATO Rescue Support in Kandahar province of Afghanistan killed over 40 Taliban insurgents who were planning to launch attacks on Afghan Security Forces. And several documents and ID cards recovered from slain Taliban insurgents revealed that they were Pakistani citizens. According to a United Nations report released in June 2020, various Pakistan based terrorist organizations too, especially Lashkar-e-Taiba plays a key role in providing recruits and funding to the Taliban and other terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan. While the Taliban has ramped up attacks against Afghan Security forces and civilians in Afghanistan, Afghan government too has been blamed for irresponsibly targeting innocent civilians in their strikes against Taliban insurgents. Recently, a government airstrike killed at least 14 people in Afghanistan's western Herat province including women and children. Civilians are bearing the brunt of this deadly conflict from both sides as the Security Council has accused the Taliban of carrying out 44 attacks and killing or injuring 24 civilians every day in the country since earlier this year. Meanwhile in Islamabad, Fatwas, religious bigotry and threats emerged from the Islamists against the building of a Hindu temple in the national capital. The Islamic extremists even desecrated the under-construction site and vandalized the temple’s foundation to express their anger and disagreement against Hindu sentiments. Halting the construction of a Hindu religious place is yet another reminder of how the space for religious freedom is shrinking in Pakistan. From common people to political leaders everyone is ranting about religious supremacy of Muslims to undermine the need of a Hindu temple for the largest minority of the country.

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