Japan exhibits handmade products

Updated:6 months ago IST

Tokyo (Japan), July 19 (ANI): Around 3,000 creators participated in "Handmade in Japan Festival 2018" in Tokyo. A variety of innovative and unique fashion products, toys, and household goods were introduced. Most of the products are created from a variety of creative ideas. Many of the products are handmade and produced in very small numbers even some of them are the only ones in the world. A pottery artist displayed its innovative work. When putting the pottery upside down, it shows the design of “Mt. Fuji”, the highest mountain in Japan. This is a clock made of wood. Even with wooden second hand. The usual way to parches products made by individual creators is buying on the internet form shopping sites or directly from the website of creators. Therefore, consumers are not able to touch or see the actual products before they buy them. In this exhibition, visitors can actually see the products, and it is also an opportunity for individual creators and consumers to connect together. With the increase in shopping through the Internet, many are encouraging such exhibitions where consumers can talk with creators pick up products, look for items they like, and buy them. The business of creators is active again, and the market is crowded with pleasant interaction.

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