Japanese companies strengthen global ties

Updated:1 year ago IST

Taiwan/ Kyoto, Nov 16 (ANI): The environment surrounding the settlement market has changed markedly due to the advancement of technology. JCB, the only international credit card brand from Japan, has hosted the international convention in Taiwan which is held in every other year. Throughout the world, the popularity of smartphones and innovation in information and communication technologies has caused the settlement market to undergo major changes and progress towards a cashless society. At the convention site, visitors stopped at partner corporation's booths to view and experience seasonal services and the latest technology exhibited at the booths. The payment card includes both contact and non-contact biometric information of an individual, making card settlements more convenient and secure. This growth drove sales volume up to 26.6 trillion yen in 2016, with 22% growth outside Japan. The 33rd Kyoto Prize to honor distinguished individuals worldwide was hosted by the Inamori Foundation - which was founded by Kazuo Inamori - now Chairman Emeritus of Kyocera Corporation. Members of the Imperial Family, ambassadors, Consul-generals, and other Japanese and foreign participants were in attendance. Nine of the winners had previously won a Nobel Prize and a Kyoto Prize, while among eight of them, had won the Nobel Prize after winning the Kyoto Prize. The Inamori Library, located at the headquarters of Kyocera Corporation, exhibits the life and management philosophy of Inamori, along with various social activities of technologists, business individuals and descriptions of Kyoto Prize winners.

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