Japanese delicacies attract foreigners

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

Tokyo (Japan), May 09 (ANI): Japan’s famous “Washoku" is a traditional Japanese practice which is based on set of skills, knowledge and traditions relating to preparation and processing of food. It has an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status. These dishes are made with seasonal ingredients and colorful serve. In recent years, many tourists coming to Japan look for Washoku food as the country’s food culture is getting attention across the world. This is a contest for cooks in Japan and it takes place every year. In "Sushi Cup" and "Japanese World Challenge" competition, chefs who are not Japanese but foreigners from many countries around the world take part. Through these chefs, Japanese food is introduced to people all over the world. Apple produced in Japan is lined up in Indonesia market. Japanese fruits have been attracting consumer’s attention in Southeast Asia. This is apple field which is typical production area in Aomori Prefecture in northeast Japan. These people are members of an import company that came from Thailand to inspect the quality control and safety of the apple. In recent years, fruit importers from overseas have visiting apple production base. Japanese sweets are introduced to many people by SNS and through efforts of sweets companies developing new products. One of the charms of Japanese sweets is the arrangement of local specialties. Especially soft serve ice cream, which has many kinds of taste and unique for each different region. The attention to Japanese food is transmitted by foreigners who are fascinated with it. And everyone will be able to eat Japanese food in various parts of the world.

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