Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture organizes hobby show to exhibit eye-catching models

Updated:4 weeks, 1 day ago

Shizuoka (Japan), May 28 (ANI): Gundam plastic car models are popular around the world. Their resemblance to real automobiles are commendable. A hobby show was held recently in Shizuoka prefecture where these models were at display for the general public. Due to the pandemic, after three years, a large gathering attended the event. In 60th edition of the event around 80 companies and 2 organizations exhibited their products.The Shizuoka Model Association is a group formed by Shizuoka-based manufacturers such as Tamiya Inc. and more. They have worked hard to make Shizuoka City famous as “model capital” of Japan. When hobby shows began in 1959, Japanese plastic models did not compete to American products. Now, however, Japanese manufacturers produce most new products, and their products are one of the best in the world, with good performance, low cost, and strong sales. In particular, Tamiya Inc. has been developing various products, plastic models, radio-controlled models and mini 4WD series. So it has been a forerunner among Japanese hobby manufacturers. Products have good performance and Tamiya also makes strong effort to after-sales service. Tamiya, a firm based in the regional city of Shizuoka in Japan aims to increase its presence and hold in the global market.

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