JCB holds tourism campaign

Updated:4 weeks, 1 day ago IST

Osaka (Japan), Nov 15 (ANI): With increasing of foreign tourist visiting Japan, Osaka is one of the most popular cities among foreign tourists. Osaka has a thriving business and is known as “merchant town” with its unique signboard along energetic "shopping streets". Osaka tourism Bureau is engaged in a variety of initiative to let many foreign visitors know about Osaka. At Osaka Tourism Bureau's conference in October, the bureau announced. This year that Japan suffered from disasters such as earthquake and typhoon and there is fear of their negative impact on tourism. In order to increase the inflow of tourists from Southeast Asia, Osaka tourism bureau have partnered with private company “JCB” which is one of the original credit card companies in Japan. JCB has many members in the Asian country and it has already provided them with special preferential service in approximately 1000 stores in Japan. The newly added service "Otoku Osaka" campaign is related to JCB card issued in Thailand. "Otoku Osaka" means "the city of Osaka provides a lot of benefits". The campaign’s logo has a unique design of Osaka's famous features such as Osaka Castle and Takoyaki, etc. It is displayed in the restaurants, fashion stores, and miscellaneous good outlet stores which provide premium treatment to tourists. The number of tourists from Southeast Asia is increasing because it is becoming easier to obtain an entry visa to Japan. As local government and business companies prepare various services to attract those travelers, there is no doubt that they will have a more enjoyable time in Japan.

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