Kyocera contributes to clean environment

Updated:2 months ago IST

Bangkok (Thailand), Dec 20 (ANI): These panels, which are lined up on the roof of factory, are solar panels called" solar farm”. This technology is attracting attention as renewable energy in the midst of climate change issue. In “Aman Nakkorn Industrial Estate” in Thailand, many factories of Japanese companies are using“solar farm”. These solar farms are installed by Japanese Company "Kyocera" and Thai Company "SPCG Public Company. “SPCG” is equipped with solar panels manufactured by Kyocera and manages the power supply by solar farms. SPCG CEO "Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern" is well-known expert in renewable energy in Thailand. The matching between Japanese company and Thai local company is creating high-quality "solar farm". “HONDA LOCK THAI” is a company that manufactures automotive parts. On the roof of its factory solar farm is installed. "Climate change” is the important global issue and Japanese Company’s effort to spread renewable energy in Southeast Asia is achieving success through deep partnerships with local company.

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