Kyocera introduces kitchen products in Singapore

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

Singapore, May 09 (ANI): Kitchen goods lined at corner of a shopping center. These are ceramic-coated knife, peeler, chopping board, etc. Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia and attracts people who are sensitive to fashion and convenience. Kyocera is known as a pioneer in electronic components. Now, the brand value of "Kyocera" is spreading among consumers through its modern kitchen goods. This mug bottle is a popular product. Conventional mug bottle is coated with ceramic, so it keeps cleanliness because there is no degeneration of metal and there is water repellent resistance. Japan airlines "JAL" collaborated with Kyocera for use of mug bottle at the memorial for the 60th anniversary of Singapore-Japan route. The bottle is very popular among JAL staffs and guests. This is famous tea café in Singapore which also sells mug bottle. Kyocera is aiming for to expand business by collaborating with local company. This way it can get more people to use mug bottle. High technology of “Kyocera” is used to manufacture electronic parts to form familiar products which are offered to international consumers.

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