Massive protest in Karachi against enforced disappearances in Sindh

Updated:1 week, 3 days ago

Karachi (Pakistan) (ANI) June 28: Police, Paramilitary rangers and other law enforcement agencies arrested several men and women, including students protesting against enforced disappearances in Sindh from Karachi press club on Saturday. According to sources, crowd including family members of the victims gathered at Karachi press club to hold peaceful protest against illegal arrests and enforced disappearances of their loved ones. According to the details when protesters started chanting slogans against enforced disappearances, large number of Police, Paramilitary rangers and intelligence agencies attacked peaceful protesters. They started baton charge and tortured elderly men, women, young girls, students. Many were injured. Security forces man handled girls and threw them in Police mobile vehicles and were shifted to unknown place. It is learned that since last two weeks, more than 200 Sindhis and Mohajirs belonging to MQM and different groups of Jiye Sindh have been arrested by Para military Rangers and other law enforced agencies in Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities of Sindh. No arrested person was presented before any court of law, said the sources.

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