Mohajir rights’ leader Nadeem Nusrat calls for autonomous Karachi

Updated:5 months ago IST

Washington (DC), Aug 14 (ANI): Voice of Karachi Chairman Nadeem Nusrat called for an autonomous Karachi as Mohajirs in Karachi are being suppressed without getting any rights. In a statement, talking about ethnic and minority rights in Pakistan, Nusrat said, “Mohajir, whose forefathers were at the forefront of the Pakistan movement, are being targeted in Karachi and other areas. We have not seen even one Mohajir Chief Minister in Sindh Province. With Karachi having more population than most countries in the world, it deserves the right to be administratively independent, autonomous.” He also informed that the Voice of Karachi is raising the voice of every voiceless Mohajir belonging to ethnic and religious minority who are routinely killed in Pakistan.

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