Mohajirs are not classed as equal citizens in Pakistan: MQM chief Altaf Hussain

Updated:8 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Geneva (Switzerland), Mar 16 (ANI): MQM leader Altaf Hussain addressed a conference which was held at the United Nations. Talking about the dilemma of Mohajirs, the migrants from India who settled in Pakistan, he said, "The native people never accepted Mohajirs as Pakistanis but instead regarded them as outsiders, by continued victimisation and discrimination. I represent all those human beings who have been oppressed by the Pakistani military regime, since the very inception of Pakistan, and in particular the Mohajirs who had migrated from India to Pakistan in 1947. It may seem strange to you, but the undeniable truth is that I have been banned to speak to my millions of followers, the Government of Pakistan has placed a media ban on me, my voice, my photos, my name can not appear in any electronic medium which is used to express one's voice, the crime for being banned."

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