Nepal rely on animals from India for Dashain Festival

Updated:3 months ago IST

Kathmandu (Nepal), Oct 15 (ANI): The demand for goats has increased tremendously in Kathmandu as more and more people look for the sacrificial livestock to celebrate Nepal’s biggest festival Dashain. The festival regarded as the victory of truth over lies is marked with sacrifice of animals to goddess Durga. More than 75,000 male goats, mountain goats and sheep will be brought to Kathmandu Valley where they will be slaughtered during the Dashain festival. The Valley is a major consumer of goats and sheep during the Dashain festival. The festival of Dashain, which lasts for about two weeks, sees an increase in demand of goats and he-goats. Up to 20 trucks arrive in the Valley on a daily basis. Until last year, the marketplace used to record goat sales worth more than 60 million rupees imported from India. As per data from Nepal’s Department of Customs, about 100, 155 goats worth 771 million Nepalese rupees was imported for Dashain from India in between Mid-August to mid-September. As per the figures, Nepal annually imports live goats worth 3.28 billion rupees from India solely.

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