Nepali villagers struggle to keep the age-old Bull Fight tradition alive

Updated:1 month ago IST

Nuwakot (Nepal), Jan 16 (ANI): The district of Nuwakot in Central Nepal draws a large number of revellers every year in mid-January. The region is known to host the annual festival of bullfighting that has a historical background dating back to over two centuries. This 226 years old tradition is organised annually and is still continued and maintained by the villagers themselves. The bullfighting which dates back to 1887, was introduced by the then Prince of Bajhang Jay Prithvi Bahadur Singh for entertainment, during his visit to his maternal uncle’s house. Since then the locals of the Taruka Village, which is esteemed for bullfighting, has continued the tradition over the years. This annual festival that roots back to 225 years has been driving spectators from adjoining districts but the complaint rates have gone high. But the Government on the other side has never stopped expressing its promises with the people which have been implemented yet. The annual festival of bull taming in Nepal which gives a reflection of the “Jallikattu” in India and the Spanish Bullfight is believed to have started from 1849 from Betrawati, Rasuwa. Apart from the preservation of the traditional culture in the Himalayan nation with vivid cultural diversities it also has been contributing to the tourism development of the area.

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