Nissei’s “Squid Ink” catches the fancy of both locals and tourists

Updated:1 month ago IST

Yaizu (Japan), Jan 17 (ANI): This food market located in Yaizu City of Japan is known as ‘fish town’. Seafood and green tea is the speciality here and it remains crowded with local residents and tourists all the time. Japan is presently experiencing winter season but even this cold climate could not prevent customers from coming to this soft ice cream shop, located just outside the market. The most popular soft ice cream here is the black coloured ‘squid ink’, which has remained as a best-seller for more than 20 years. These soft ice creams are developed by “Nissei” –a long-established soft-cream maker in Japan- and local retail company “Shizutetsu Retailing”. There are many flavors of soft ice cream in addition to classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate, that represent the specialty products of Shizuoka Prefecture, "Strawberry", "Matcha-green tea", and "Wasabi". This is “Shizuoka ice cream”. It has a collection of three flavors representing local ingredients “green tea, wasabi, and roasted soyabean flour”. This unique soft ice cream that "Nissei" developed using regional specialty product offers an exotic taste for foreign tourists visiting Japan.

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