Pakistan intensifies attempts to revive terror in India

Updated:2 months, 3 weeks ago

This week’s episode of News Week South Asia exposes Pakistan's tireless campaign of unleashing terror inside the Indian Territory. But all of its devious tactics are being given a befitting reply by Indian forces. This week proactive Indian forces successfully neutralized 5 Pak backed terrorists belonging to Lashkar e Taiba & Hizbul Mujahideen. Even the global crisis of coronavirus has not stopped Pakistan from its Anti-India agenda. When all of its devious tactics of destabilizing India are falling flat, Pakistan's ISI spy agency is now making extra efforts to reignite pro- Khalistani activities in the country in cahoots with the banned Sikhs for Justice Group. Recently, India has declared nine individuals as designated terrorists, for attempting to revive militancy in Punjab through their anti-national activities and involvement in the Khalistan movement backed by Pakistan. But now, Pakistan is suffering the consequences of its own sins. Recently, a violent clash broke out at Karachi stock exchange on June 29th as Pakistan security team and Baloch liberation army fighters engaged into fierce gun-battle. The incident left 11 people dead including the 4 armed rebellions. The daylight violence at Pakistan’s financial hub not only exposes the country’s internal security status but also reveals the kind of atrocities being meted out at the freedom-seeking voices… hence forcing them to take up weapons to fight against their legitimate rights. On the other side, Instability is prevailing over Afghanistan as the country is reeling under constant bloodshed. Increasing violence and a contentious prisoner swap between the Afghan government and the Taliban have delayed talks that were to have begun in March between the two warring sides. However, the United States is striving hard to embark on intra-Afghan negotiations to pave the way to end more than 19 years old war...

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