Pakistan sponsored PoK–Khalistani elements burn Indian flag in London

Updated:9 months ago IST

London (United Kingdom), Apr 19 (ANI): Pakistan-backed PoK and Khalistani elements burnt the Indian flag in Central London yesterday while the London Metropolitan Police quietly watched the flag burning taking place right before its eyes. The incident took place at Parliament Square as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing the Indian community at Westminster on Wednesday. Indian activists are outraged over the London Metropolitan Police turning a blind eye to the Indian flag being pulled down from a pole and replaced by a flag representing PoK and Khalistan. The Indian tricolour was allegedly pulled down and ripped apart by a a pro-Khalistani activist. Video evidence shows another person identified as Sahab Kashmiri from PoK, who now lives in London, raising the PoK and Khalistani flag at the pole from where the Indian tricolour was pulled down. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the 53 heads of Commonwealth nations attending the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

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