Panasonic celebrates 100 year anniversary

Updated:10 months, 1 week ago IST

Kadoma (Japan), Mar 15 (ANI): On March 7th, 2018, Consumer electronics manufacturer “Panasonic” celebrated its 100th anniversary. On the day of the memorial, “Panasonic Museum” was opened at the head office in Kadoma City, Osaka. The museum introduces the history of the founder “Konosuke Matsushita”. “Konosuke Matsushita” is the founder of Panasonic and is one of the iconic entrepreneurs in the history of Japan. In museum, the words of the founder and successive products are exhibited. The purpose of this exhibition is to make many people want to know Matsushita’s passion for making products and the beliefs of the company. This is “two-way socket” one of the products from the time of company’s founder. The old products that Konosuke produced are lined up with the idea at the time. This is a house that reproduces the state of the workspace at the time of its founding. Visitors can see the scene were Konosuke's family worked together to produce parts of the products. In the second half of 1950, there was a group of electric appliance products referred to as “the three luxury appliances”. They are the “Black and white TV”, “washing machine” and “refrigerator”; these were a symbol of the wealth and improvement of life experienced during the economic growth of Japan. The venue is equipped with a translation application called “Link Ray” by Panasonic’s technology. In eight languages, visitors can see a descriptive text when they import a dedicated mark to their smart-phones. Panasonic's home appliances during the century are exhibited in the "Hall of manufacturing ingenuity", which is open for a limited time. Panasonic has developed products with the core of household appliances in mind, and visitors can see the commitment to "manufacturing" and to creating a new life in the culture. The passion of manufacturing in Japan is developing with the flow of age while exploring the future.

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