Panasonic launches driverless car

Updated:10 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Fukui (Japan), Dec 7(ANI): If you are unable to drive, don’t worry! An autonomous car will take you to your destination! Panasonic Corporation, one of Japan's leading consumer electronics manufacturers, has developed a two-passenger compact vehicle equipped with its own automatic driving system. It is called "The autonomous driving EV commuter". The Eiheiji Town Government, The Fukui Prefecture Government, and Panasonic have jointly started a field test of an experimental autonomous electric vehicle. The current position and status of all vehicles are collectively and centrally managed in a cloud server. It distinguishes people and cars from various surrounding environments such as nearby trees, houses, and underpasses. Also, when it finds that a pedestrian or a car is entering the road suddenly from the roadside, it automatically avoids or stops safely. In the test, Panasonic will verify the autonomous driving technology and confirm any technical issues. Panasonic plans to verify the mobility service for practical application starting from next year.

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